The characteristics of the warning tape and use guidelines

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-05

warning tape, also called mark tape landmark, stick tape, floor tape, adhesive tape, etc. Dust warning tapes are made from PVC film as the backing material of adhesive tape, coated with rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive. they are.
  Caution tape has the waterproof, moistureproof, weather resistance, corrosion resistance, antistatic wait for an advantage, is suitable for the air pipe, water pipe, oil pipe, such as underground protection.

  1. Good adhesion, can be used for ordinary cement floor < br / > < br / > & have spent 2. Compared with the ground stroke paint, simple operation < br / > < br / > & have spent 3. Not only can be used in common ground, can also be used in the wooden floor, ceramic tile, marble, the wall and on the machine ( But can use only the ground stroke paint) on the common ground

  Twill tape can be used to the ground, pillar, construction, transportation and other areas of warning signs.

  Anti-static floor area warning, caution tape can be used for packing sealing warning, warning, etc. , product packaging colors: yellow, black, warning signs in both English and Chinese, especially high viscosity for oily sticky rubber cement, anti-static surface resistance 107 - warning tape 109 ohms, warning tape used to identify the warning area, the classification of the segmentation hazard warning, mark, etc. There are black, yellow or red, white lines on a variety of styles to choose from; The surface wear resistance and can bear high flow foot; Good stickiness, certain performance of anti-corrosion, acid and alkali, wear. Purpose: paste on the floor, wall, and machine prohibit, warning, remind, and emphasizes the role.

  Marking tape used for division, called marking tape or regional tape; When used as a warning, caution tape. But in fact both are the same thing. When used as division, there is no relevant standards or established, to specify what area need to use what kind of color, green, yellow, blue, Bai Dou someone USES generally. When used as a warning, monochrome red, yellow, green and double color of red, green and white, and black can be used as a warning line. Here, we recommend the marking tape and warning tape make a distinction. White, yellow and green for marking; Red, white and red, green and white, and yellow black as a warning.

  When as a warning, red mean to prohibit and prevent; Red and white stripes to ban people enter the dangerous environment; Yellow and black and white stripes prompt people to pay special attention to the meaning of; Green with white stripes said more eye-catching tips.

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