The classification of polyolefins adhesive tape

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03


polyolefins adhesive tape is a thick rubber type thin polyethylene tape and polypropylene tape and glue type of polyethylene tape.

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thick rubber type polyethylene tape: is made of polyethylene sheet surface, a layer of butyl rubber modified asphalt coating adhesive, with rubber thickness, good flow, can repair the damage, etc.

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thick rubber type polypropylene adhesive tape: polypropylene fiber fabric is made from high strength as backing material, compound butyl rubber modified asphalt anticorrosive rubber cover. Its excellent tensile strength and strong adhesive ability, can be very effective against soil stress and thermal expansion, etc.

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type thin plastic polyethylene tape: based on polyethylene film base material, the butyl rubber adhesive, compounded in the melt state, fillet evenly, cohesion, resistance to voltage, etc.

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