The classification of the PE bag and industry application

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-06
PE bag of main chemical composition: polyethylene.

polyethylene, has good low temperature resistance, The lowest temperature can reach - 70 - - 100℃) , chemical stability is good, most of the acid and alkali erosion can ( No acid) with characteristics of oxidation resistant Insoluble in common solvent, room temperature, small water imbibition, good electrical insulating performance; But polyethylene for environmental stress ( Chemical and mechanical effect) Is very sensitive, poor heat aging. The properties of polyethylene owing to the different varieties, mainly depends on the molecular structure and density. Using different production methods can get different density ( 0. 91-0. 96g/cm3) Of the product. Polyethylene generally available thermoplastic plastic molding methods ( See the plastic processing) Processing.

PE bag to press material cent: PE is divided into LDPE, HDPE and LLDPE.

according to the production process is divided into: PE, PE valve bag, flat pocket folder chain bag, envelope bag, punching bag, arm in arm, hand bag, zipper bag, PE film.

1, PE bag is the most simple production process, made by machine blown film, and then to bag making machine cut into one bag, one above the bottom sealing.

2, PE valve bag is made by machine blown film with a bone, manual and sealing. Unlike folder chain bag, generally easy to confuse the two bag.

3, chain bag is made of PE film, in the above article plus 2 double chain ( The double chain is a separate out) And bag, the bag on both sides tend to have more wide indentation, and valve bag is not. Valve bag printing color, and chain bag can printing complex design.

4, envelope bag is like the envelope has a tongue, the tongue label with a strip, fold over can be sealed bag. More general apparel. And Courier bags is one of the envelope bag.

5, punching bag is on the top of the flat pocket position to make a hole, convenient to lift the bag.

6, arm in arm bag is on the top of the bag and plastic article, convenient to mention bag, this process artificial, cost is relatively high.

7, zipper bag is in the bag pincer-like device fitted with pull a chain and a zipper cap.

after 8, PE film is blowing out machine don't make a bag of film. Also divided into wrap film and shrink film.

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