The classification of the U. S. profile of paper tape

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-05

1, the U. S. profile of paper tape, according to a different viscosity can be divided into: low mucous in the U. S. profile of paper tape, textured paper tape and viscous textured paper tape.

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2, textured paper tape, according to the different temperature, can be divided into: temperature in normal temperature textured paper tape, textured paper tape, high temperature resistant masking tape. < br />

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3, textured paper tape, according to the different colors can be divided into: ecru textured paper tape, color crepe paper tape.

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applications: electronic components, used for capacitor strip packing. Used with kraft paper belt; Suitable for paint spraying engineering or other ordinary paint edge of use; Used for precision plating is covered with chrome without plating parts; High temperature can reach 280 degrees in the temperature of 80 - 130 degrees. Shielding of spray, spray paint, electroplating, the line version ( PCB) Processing, electrical insulation products, transformers, coils, etc. High temperature resistance, high insulation, easy tear up, leaving no residue. It is suitable for automobile, iron or plastic device covered protection, high temperature resistant paint spray paint on the surface of the furniture at the same time can also be applied to electronic, electrical appliances, varistor, circuit boards and other industries. Can also be used for painting, because no residue leaving has general tape sticky but also has properties, so use in painting can not only play the role of fixed paper, tear can not destroy the paper. Generally it is to use half of the U. S. profile of paper tape to stick on the border of paper half stick on the drawing board, paper is firmly fixed on the drawing board, when we are in the painting operation will be more comfortable and convenient. Like a watercolor ink can't control a good frame interval of textured paper tape can temporarily filled a frame cover paper, when the paintings will end and peel textured paper tape, clean and relaxed border will appear.

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