The construction process of polypropylene adhesive tape

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03
More and more in recent years, the use of polypropylene adhesive tape, application field is also more and more widely, because at the time of using pipeline will always have a lot of factors affecting the life of pipeline, and the more severe a factor is corrosion, so many areas began to use the adhesive tape, but not to say that using the product can link corrosion problems, needs us in the correct steps to use, then what is the construction technology of the product? Let's take a look at. < br / >
1, before using polypropylene adhesive tape, tape first transported to the construction site, and make the storage, the formal construction, pipe derusting first, decontamination treatment, will rust on the surface of the pipe processing after clean, can besmear brushs paint. When besmear brushs paint primer first stir well, and add thinner, until the viscosity suitable to besmear to brush. < br / >
2, when besmear to brush paint, should guarantee the primer evenly, should besmear to brush width and heat shrinkable joint belt cover width is almost the same. Because of solvent-free epoxy coating with dual function, it is both anticorrosive coating and adhesive, so being beaten MAO area must besmear brushs paint. < br / >
3, with a clean brush besmear to brush, not a leak phenomenon such as coating. For a while after the primer coating can coil polypropylene adhesive tape, wrap tape according to the construction environment to choose tie up with methods, but to ensure the quality of wind belt, complete the construction. < br / >
4, the adhesive tape in winter construction, it is recommended to use wind shed, to facilitate operation, to prevent the pollution of belt, in order to ensure the quality of anti-corrosion. < br / >
from the literal sense of polypropylene adhesive tape that can see the product material is polypropylene itself, so the time for construction use will not produce what kind of harm, so everyone in when using this product for pipeline corrosion is not need to worry about what is the harm, and contrary to its own characteristics of the material can be very good to create conditions for pipeline construction, but in the construction of the construction process must be in strict accordance with the above, in order to obtain good antiseptic effect.
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