The demand for crepe paper

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-05

commonly known as color crepe paper paper, widely used in automobile painting, decoration and so on. Now is more and more widely to the needs of the crepe paper, 2016, according to the demand of crepe paper 2 times that of last year, may be clearly seen from the data in the crepe paper.

the masking tape is a kind of crepe paper as the base material, and then coated with special pressure sensitive adhesive, it has features such as protection, fixed, heat-resisting, can be used in painting, decoration and electronic industries. For this type of adhesive tape, can according to the different needs of customers, customize the different style. This type of adhesive tape, can be easily removed, and leave no residue. Can be widely used in indoor and outdoor decoration, electronics, automobile, electroplating, footwear, packaging, furniture industry such as paint covered, links, fixed, and so on.

common crepe paper has the following several types: high temperature textured paper tape, high temperature textured paper tape, temperature in normal temperature textured paper tape, textured paper tape, decoration textured paper tape, textured paper tape, textured paper tape, color composite adhesive tape masking tape and spray painting, etc. It is because of the masking tape is sticky, and excellent temperature resistance, so used to paste all sorts of items are not residual glue. Under the normal temperature condition, this kind of tape for more civilian commercial building decoration decoration, paint, paint, color, shading and electronic industry. At the same time, also can be used in some special industry. Such as: can be used with kraft paper tape, and paint spraying engineering or other common edge of the paint. In addition, in some precision chrome can also be used to not cover of electroplating parts, make integral metal components of beauty is not destroyed.

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