The description of the electrical tape

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-05

is a kind of cloth tape, electrical tape which is based on the abrasive cloth polyethylene (PE) composite, painted with synthetic rubber. It has high strength and high performance adhesives, conforms to the irregular surface, low luster lacklustre, weather resistance, wear resistance, tears does not need manual cutting tools, leaves no sticky residue when removed. Electrician tape in art and entertainment. It is widely used in lighting lamps and lanterns, temporary seizure set-pieces, tags and labels, probably the most famous is the recording cable floor, to prevent tripping. This type of tape also has application installed seam dance floor and cable bundle ( Methods) 。 Electrician tape is often used to mark the stair, exit, direction and tag set a stage. Common electrical tape color such as black, grey, silver grey. Other color can be customized. The minimum quantity for 2000 square meters.

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