The difference between 3PE anti-corrosion layer and polyethylene adhesive tape anti-corrosion process

by:Yourijiu     2021-08-01

3PE anti-corrosion is one of the most commonly used anti-corrosion technology, which is different from the anti-corrosion technology of polyethylene adhesive tape. 3PE anti-corrosion is an independent anti-corrosion process, which is completely different from the anti-corrosion process of polyethylene adhesive tape. 3PE anti-corrosion is formed by spraying epoxy powder coating, extruding or coating the adhesive and polyethylene material with a bottom layer of epoxy powder, an intermediate layer of adhesive and a polyethylene outer layer. The polyethylene adhesive tape is a process of painting the tape matching primer and winding polyethylene anticorrosive and cold wrapping to form an anticorrosive layer.

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