The difference between foam tape and EVA back tape

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04
Foam tape and EVA back tape in foam tape, EVA back tape under normal circumstances, the bubble is designed cotton density is small, the thickness of the larger, often used as a buffer, protection and so on, the price is low; Often said is PE foam tape, foam tape thickness 1 mm is more, all aspects of performance are better than EVA back adhesive tape. How to choose, mainly according to its need to choose. Foam tapes are made from EVA or PE foam backing on its side or two sides are coated with solvent ( Or hot melt type) Pressure sensitive adhesive paper again to mold manufacturing and into. Have the function of the sealing, shock absorption. Have excellent sealing and compression deformation resistance, flame retardancy, invasive, and so on. Products are widely used in electrical and electronic products, machinery parts, all kinds of small home appliance, mobile phone accessories, industrial instrumentation, computer and peripheral equipment, car accessories, audio equipment, toys, cosmetics, etc.

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