The difference between thermal double-sided tape and ordinary double-sided tape

by:Yourijiu     2021-08-10
Thermally conductive double-sided tape electronics, LED lighting and LED TV fields. Gluing the thermally conductive double-sided adhesive to the integrated circuit radiator is the most effective way to solve the problem of heat conduction and heat dissipation. It is dedicated to the radiator and double-sided tape for pasting the chip. In this way, the LED lighting is more convenient to use, and the thermally conductive double-sided tape between the LED and the heat dissipation aluminum only needs to be pressed lightly, and the installation is also very convenient and quick. The thermal conductivity effect is more obvious than ordinary thermal grease.

I believe that many manufacturers who have used thermal conductive materials are very familiar with this thermal conductive material, but many people who do not know much about the thermal conductive material industry knowledge will be The price of the dough glue is several times higher. So what we are going to talk about today is why the price of thermally conductive double-sided tape is several times higher than that of ordinary tape. Let us answer a heat conduction question first:

Compared with ordinary double-sided tape, why does it conduct heat?

First of all, we should know that thermally conductive double-sided tapes can be divided into substrates based on different materials. It can also be divided according to the composition of the substrate and the composition of the glue. The main material components are divided into the following categories: 1. Basic materials, but no basic materials; 2. No base material, tissue paper, polyester, foam, non-woven fabric or cloth; 3. Water-based acrylic, oil-based acrylic , Solvent-based rubber, hot melt adhesive and silicone.

The alkali-free double-sided tape has only one layer of adhesive film, so it can achieve the same adhesion performance, with a smaller total thickness, softer, and better fit. The disadvantage is that when the ambient temperature is relatively high, the adhesive layer will overflow. The ordinary double-sided tape we usually use is a roll tape made of paper, cloth, and plastic film as the substrate, and then evenly coated with elastic pressure-sensitive adhesive or resin pressure-sensitive adhesive on the substrate. It is composed of substrate, adhesive, release paper (film) or silicone oil paper.

Therefore, through the above simple description, we should be able to know the huge difference in materials between them, which directly leads to a huge price gap. Here we should know that ordinary double-sided tape has no thermal conductivity effect. If it needs to have a thermal effect, it must be used.

In addition, thermally conductive double-sided tape is usually attached between the heating sheet and the radiator, and the radiator is firmly fixed on the heating sheet by applying pressure, which is beneficial to improve production efficiency. Its heat dissipation effect is more obvious than ordinary heat dissipation stickers, which greatly prolongs the service life of the components. Its thermal conductivity is high and stable.

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