The fight against aging for women usually begins

by:Yourijiu     2020-07-24
Everyone knows that the eyes - a mirror of the soul. Here are just a few people want to have around this mirror 'crow's feet. Beautiful ladies are ready soon to pretend they do not understand your jokes, than to allow extra time to gather their skin wrinkles around the eyes. The skin around the eye is practically devoid of sebaceous glands, so it is very sensitive and needs special care. It should not be exposed to direct sunlight and good selection of sunglasses will help to avoid the appearance of premature wrinkles. The choice of a cream for the eyes requires special attention. At the first appearance of wrinkles is to resort to the use of lightweight means to care for the skin around the eyes, but if the wrinkles become more visible, use strong means twice a day: once before to apply makeup, the second - before bedtime. Special creams refresh the skin, leaving it thin film which serves as protection from sun and dust, makeup and other impurities - the main causes of wrinkles. There are special facilities for the care of the skin around the eyes. More subtle, they are designed specifically for this delicate and sensitive skin. For these purposes, special creams, lotions and gels. From conventional means of skin care distinguishes them above all the lack of diffluent oils that can get into the eyes and cause them irritation. Therefore, creams, designed for skin care age, must attend not only dermatologically tested, but also to get the mandatory approval of ophthalmologists. Eye Cream hydrogel was created using the achievements of nanotechnology. This cream has a high degree of compatibility with the skin cells, effectively stimulates the activity of cells in the epidermis and dermis. The cream prevents the formation of dark circles and bags under the eyes, removes the external symptoms of eye strain. As a result of prolonged use of eye care cream fine wrinkles under his eyes significantly decreased, the skin becomes supple and fit. From conventional means for skin care creams are distinguished primarily by the fact that do not contain the so-called diffluent oils, that is, those oils that get in your eyes and can cause irritation. Cream for age are made of better quality (and thus more expensive) components. Because the layer of the skin around the eyes is very thin, these creams do not contain irritating fragrances or dyes and easily absorbed. Some creams contain age toning substances such as caffeine, which increase blood circulation in thin capillaries, thus swelling disappear. Other products include special micro s, which for a few hours slightly pull the skin surface or optically conceal the wrinkles through the tiniest bright pigment. How to apply the cream around the eyes * Apply the cream to a point. At the lower eyelid to the edge of the facial bones around the eyes. On the upper eyelid - under his eyebrows. Never apply the cream on the moving parts of the century, or too close to the eyes. * After application, the light, make every Clap movement very fingertips. Do not stretch and strongly rubbed the skin. * Movement should be on the line of least stretch the skin: on top of centuries - from the inner to the outer corner of the eye; on the lower eyelids - from the outer to inner corner.
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