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by:Yourijiu     2020-07-06
Cabinet refacing is often changed as it is one of the easiest ways of making the cabinets in a house look newer and cleaner than before. The process is relatively easy when compared to brand new cabinet installation. All one needs for this is a screw driver, some sheets of laminated veneer, a sander pad ,a pencil and measuring tape and a cutter. The procedure is easy and involves the following steps. Firstly, one must pull off all the old veneer off the cabinets and remove the doors etc and other knobs with the screw driver. Next, they must use a sander pad and crape of all the old dust etc on the cabinet and clean it with a damp cloth. After this, the next step involves measuring the width and length, and all the dimensions of the cabinet that one intends to reface and cutting out laminate veneer sheets of those particular sizes. An inch of extra sheet should be left in allowance from each side so that there is extra material to stick the sheet onto the cabinets. Now the wax paper should be removed from the back and the veneer sheets should be stuck gently onto the cabinet surfaces, pressing it down firmly, making sure there are no creases or folds. Lastly, the extra veneer left over on the sides should be ct off with a razor knife and the cabinet should now be left for a night so that the sheet sticks onto it completely and dries up. After leaving it overnight, the cabinets should now be screwed back with its hardware and knobs etc. This last step marks the completion of the cabinet refacing, and leaves your cabinets of the house looking brand new and unrecognizable. It easily gives the house a brand new look, and does not require a lot of time which makes it even more practical and a commonly used process. Cabinet installation on the other hand are a long and expensive process which requires the old cabinets to be removed and replaced with new cabinets. Or even at times drilling brand new holes in the walls to install cabinets in places they were never present before.
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