The good assistant of the decoration painting beauty masking tape

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-06

With paper backing tape can be referred to as paper tape, according to the base material characteristics, often divided into flat paper tape, light crepe paper tape ( Or the U. S.  profile of paper tape) And the high crepe paper tape. Paper tape is easy to hand, apply during sex. For regular screening, efficient, cost-effective.
      We found that when decorating, home decoration is often used when the master brush paint rolls textured paper tape, why do you struggle with strips of crepe paper after painting work? The masking tape when painting the walls what role?

      U. S.  profile of paper tape is attached to the we don't want to brush paint, and is easy to run into the paint, the other does not need to paint the edge of the part to stick out, at the time of paint won't give dirty don't need to brush, paint at the end of the paper tape to tear, can play the role of other parts of protection, and on the need to two kinds of color separation, instead of elastic line function, improve the work efficiency, and other purposes such as car paint, it's the same, good stick glass part to use newspaper, and then after the whole spray, tear up the newspaper, glass is not clean.

to paint the walls with U. S.  profile of paper tape can improve the work efficiency and better help us to get to paint effects, summarize the advantages of textured paper tape, textured paper tape of its low cost, convenient to use, not easy to degumming, textured paper tape is a good helper in our decoration paint job.

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