The high temperature inorganic adhesive tape

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-05
High temperature inorganic adhesive tape technical requirements

of injected powder 1 should adopts metal oxide as the main raw material through high heat forging burn again after the fine grinding of white powder material, the fineness of 56 u square hole sieve sieve allowance is less than 2%. 2 fluid

fluid should be given priority in phosphoric acid preparation colorless transparent liquid, the relative density of 1. 55 and 0. 0. 2.

3 adhesive adhesive by powder and liquid agent made from two components, tune into a paste by certain proportion can be both condensation through chemical reaction at room temperature curing, has the strength of technical performance. Powder fluid ( Weight ratio) Paste to 5:2 must have the

the following properties:

condenses q: under the condition of room temperature, mixing amount of l0g, initial setting time should not be less than 3 min, final setting time shall not be greater than 30 min. Compressive strength:

let stand at room temperature compressive strength of cured sample after 1 d shall not be less than 40 mpao

: refractoriness refractoriness of the samples after curing is not less than 1700 ° C.

volume resistivity, cured specimen in ( 20 and 5) ° C, relative humidity, 65, 5) The volume of a % under the conditions of determination of resistance.

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