The history and usage of duct tape

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-05
Duct tape is a human invention during the second world war in 1942, it was the original purpose of used for storage of ammunition box waterproof or blocking the light seals, in order to avoid needless danger and loss of energy.

        But now, people more and more use the duct tape as more creative USES:

& have spent       1. Tape anti-theft lock & have spent

        2. Tape a hammock & have spent

        3. Tape wallet

& have spent      

        Duct tape single sided tapes are made from polyethylene with gauze fiber thermal compound as the backing material, plastic surface coating mold release agent, fiber surface coated type hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive; Bucky double-sided tapes are made from cotton gauze fiber base material, double-sided coated type hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive; Products have strong stickiness, good stick take, weather resistance, is a kind of oil wax, ageing resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, leakage protection, waterproof, corrosion, tensile resistance, high insulation and easy to tear the sticky tape.

        Main application: suitable for packing, packing, sealing, repair, binding books, carpet seams merger, mark has strong viscosity, stripping degree is high, easy to tear, water proofing property and abrasion resistance. Waterproof, leakproof is suitable for the hardware architectural decoration engineering, heavy packaging and printing industry and all kinds of packaging, bundling, sealing, juncture, maintenance < br />

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