The impact of tape raw materials on quality, Guangdong Sealing Tape Factory

by:Yourijiu     2022-04-14
Guangdong Sealing Tape Factory shares with you: It is often said that necessity is the mother of invention. This sentence is of course good, but the problem is this, 'needs' often do not 'emerge' by themselves, but are always 'pulled out' by the inventor's sensitivity and understanding. Inventions are formed through ingenious ideas and tenacious efforts. However, ordinary consumers always realize that it is a necessities in production and life only after the invention comes out, thus triggering strong consumer demand in society. Below, Xiaoming will introduce to you the influence of raw materials on tape. 1. Polyethylene can be added with lubricant, the raw material of the tape, to improve the slipperiness of the tape. 2. Stabilizers must be added when polyethylene is used to prepare films because it is easy to thermally decompose. 3. The tape must have a reasonable combination of formulas, and the raw materials of the tape must have an appropriate proportion in the formula. Adjusting the composition and ratio can change the performance of the tape. Guangdong Sealing Tape Factory
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