The influence factors of the masking tape does not stick

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-05
Can according to the different temperature textured paper tape, can be divided into: temperature in normal temperature textured paper tape, textured paper tape, and high temperature textured paper tape. In the use of the masking tape products appear the phenomenon of non-stick, that should pay attention to factors affecting the viscosity of the product has the following points:

& have spent A, glued and adhesive of electronegativity, electronegativity for electrostatic force between the two kinds of material with opposite charges. General performance is excellent, acid alkali is generally characterized by negative point, according to the principle of plus or minus attract between the glued and adhesives electronegativity, the greater the adhesion is more close to.

  Second, the difference of acid and alkali glued and adhesives, acid and alkali difference refers to the PH of the PH value of the two substances gap size.

  Three, high temperature: long-term under the environment of high temperature tape sticky will decrease with long time.

  Four, low temperature, low temperature will reduce the activity of adhesives, the inhibition of play to the performance of the adhesive should hold.

5, moisture and water: moisture affect bonding strength through two ways. Tape in hot and humid environment loss of strength of paste by hydrolysis, serious when even liquefy. And water or steam into rubber, replace the sticky on the surface of the junction adhesive or adhesive play its proper performance, so in the case of wet bonding strength reduce is the most common factors affected tape sticky.

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