The magic of sealing tape, Dongguan sealing tape factory

by:Yourijiu     2022-04-14
Everyone is familiar with transparent tape. It has the advantages of high tensile strength, non-toxic and tasteless, environmental protection, light weight and low cost. It is widely used in various packaging, bonding, fixing and other purposes. It is an indispensable packaging for industrial production. supplies. Scotch tape is no ordinary tape, it is a magic tape in our hands. Why do you say that? Follow our Dongguan sealing tape factory to look down! 1. Use it to stick the broken hair that falls out during our daily haircuts. The fine hairs that stick to the body are excellent. 2. Use it to repair the scratches of the blanket. Its size and shape are determined by the scratches, and it will be successful as soon as it is cut and pasted. This is also excellent. Dongguan sealing tape factory. 3. Use it to solve the scratches on the graphics and texts of the pull gauge. We use a small piece of transparent tape to stick it on the pull gauge bar to reduce the friction of the grooved pull gauge bar on the graphics and text of the printed product, thereby eliminating the scratches. There is no trace of scratches on the printed text. So Scotch tape, is a magic tape. Tear but not crack, stick but not fall off. Its use is also great, his good, who knows who uses it.
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