The main purpose of anti-static bag

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-05

anti-static bag belong to compound bag, which ingredients are mainly PE, CPP, BOPP, NY, the common raw materials such as PET: a, two-way stretching polypropylene ( BOPP) Main performance: 1, colorless, high transparency. 2, tensile strength, impact strength and excellent stiffness. 3, cold resistance, good heat resistance: - 40~120℃。 4, isolated from water vapor has a good performance. 5, oxygen insulation sex is poorer. 6, used as a general high transparent joker bag, compound bag printing material. 7, ordinary BOPP has no heat sealing. The main purpose of the BOPP film, BOPP surface layer is the most commonly used packaging materials, especially in the use of packaging requirements without high, due to its superior performance of moisture proof, suitable for easy absorption of moisture of biscuits, snack food packaging, etc. Density: 0. 91g/cm3。

2, unstretched polypropylene ( CPP) Main performance: 1. Good gloss, good transparency, but a little difference than BOPP. 2. Has a good heat sealing performance. 3. Poor strength and stiffness than BOPP, higher than PE film. 4. With heat sealing performance, are commonly used as compound bag heat sealing membrane. Heat sealing temperature is higher than PE. 5. Wet resistant is better than with the thickness of the PE film. 6. Special CPP good heat resistance, suitable for cooking and high-temperature sterilization. 7. Not resistant to low temperature, under low temperature conditions, prone to embrittlement phenomenon. : the main purpose of the CPP film as the heat sealing layer, in addition to PE composite extrusion, the most commonly used is CPP, especially when used for cooking bags, but alone. When high temperature sterilization, need 120 ℃ heat resistance and heat resistance strength of stamping, grade of selected should be paid attention to. Density: 0. 91 g/cm3

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