The masking tape application and operation of the note

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-05
Everyone can be used on many occasions to tape this stuff, but according to the material of tape is different, it is divided into many types, each type application fields are also different. People often deal with the auto industry will know textured paper tape, it is the main raw material of crepe paper. According to the characteristics of crepe paper, the use of it has a special place, mainly is the cars. It should be clear textured paper tape, in addition to the application, to know more about some of the points for attention during the operation, so small make up here for everybody to introduce specific.

U. S. profile of paper tape description

textured paper tape by crepe paper and pressure sensitive glue as the main raw material, the U. S. profile of paper coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive, the other side coated to prevent sticking material roll of adhesive tape. It has good high temperature resistance, resistance to chemical solvents, high adhesion, soft and submissive, and no residue leaving destroyed again. The industry known as crepe paper pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes. English name MASKING  TAPE。

U. S. profile of paper tape according to the different temperature, can be divided into: temperature in normal temperature textured paper tape, textured paper tape, and high temperature textured paper tape.

depending on the viscosity, can be divided into: low viscosity in the U. S. profile of paper tape, adhesive tape and viscous textured crepe paper tape.

depending on the color can be divided into: ecru, crepe paper colour crepe paper, etc.

application fields of the tape to import white for crepe paper, single-side coated weatherability rubber series pressure sensitive adhesive. With high temperature resistance, solvent resistance, again without stripping residue and other excellent performance! Products comply with ROHS environmental protection requirements. It is suitable for automobile, iron or plastic device covered protection, high temperature resistant paint spray paint on the surface of the furniture at the same time can also be applied to electronic, electrical appliances, pressure sensitive resistance, circuit boards and other industries.

a, glued content should keep dry and clean, otherwise it will affect the adhesive tape stick and effect;

2, exert a certain force, make the combination of adhesive tape and glued thing well;

after the completion of the three, when its use function, to peel tape as soon as possible, avoid the phenomenon of glue;

four, don't have UV resistant function of the adhesive tape, to avoid sun exposure, appear incomplete glue phenomenon;

don't stick, different environment and different, the same tape will show different results; Such as glass. Is widely used in metal, plastic, etc. , before the first trial.

the masking tape still more extensive application in the life, the car industry, it can not only apply to some, also can be used in the electronics industry, whether in where, for we all should pay attention to its maintenance. Tape the most taboo is stick to something else, if in the process of using stick to unnecessary items, we can affect the use of it. The masking tape is just industrial use of a, in addition to it, there are a lot of tape can be used in life, so we want to learn more in this respect, such ability and flexible application.

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