The masking tape in the process of the lacquer that bake is fixed

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-05

the masking tape in the process of the lacquer that bake is fixed? Depending on the U. S. profile of paper tape, Polyester) Adhesive tape, insulation, high temperature resistant, 180 - 180 ℃, acid-proof alkaline, high adhesion and no residue. USES: used in paint, powder spraying, coating, high temperature of the lacquer that bake, gold-plated cover to protect part or plating process, also can be used in electronics, electrical appliances, such as insulating bandage fixation. Acid and alkali resistant tape feature: excellent heat resistance, 180 - Viscosity of 180 ℃, acid-proof alkaline, is a good thing, no incomplete glue. Usage: used for coating of paint, plating, nickel plating, electroplating, aluminum anodic oxidation, circuit boards and other products in the process of production need to seal, high temperature resistant, resistant to acid and alkali are protected. Tape high temperature deformation characteristics: good stickiness, good tensile strength, thickness of 0. 09 - 0. 80-2 mm, high temperature resistant 250 ℃, chemical solvent, no residue glue. USES: paint, powder spraying, leather processing, coating coverage and electronic parts in the process of the lacquer that bake the fixed cover, printed circuit board ( SMT) And heat treatment, can also be used in electronic, electrical products, high temperature resistant insulation bandaging fixation.

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