The masking tape quality standards and requirements

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-05

the masking tape is now a tape that are widely used in the industrial category, generally we choose is to choose the qualified to use tape, next, I'll introduce home how to distinguish whether the U. S. profile of paper tape quality, prevent the choose and buy to unqualified -companies GaCang crepe paper products, affect our application.

  First is: high quality U. S. profile of paper tape color uniform tenderness, no color overlay and mixed miserably other noise, and crepe paper quality will not have the condition of incomplete glue and seepage glue.

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followed by touch: high quality beauty masking tape are of high quality, that is a reason, because of viscous fluid viscosity and adherence to persistence of force is relatively high. The basic after we reach by touch can feel to come out.

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the third is: about the quality of textured paper tape, its tensile ability is stronger, has good tensile strength, will not present the fission by exist for long or fracture phenomenon.

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is the smell of 4: this way few people will go to work, but it is also a kind of way.

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