The masking tape with and what is the difference between the paper tape?

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-05

textured paper tape, textured paper and pressure sensitive glue as the main raw material, the U. S. profile of paper coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive, the other side coated to prevent sticking material roll of adhesive tape. It has good high temperature resistance, resistance to chemical solvents, high adhesion, soft and submissive, and no residue leaving destroyed again. The industry known as crepe paper pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes.

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paper tape: compared with general adhesive tape, surface material instead of paper. Usually the viscosity is not strong, so the advantages is no residue after torn off. Now paper tape is widely produced there are all sorts of design and color, therefore widely used in the paste paper, beautify, decorate purposes.

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1。 The masking tape anti osmosis and paper tape is better than

2. U. S. profile of paper tape after long stored brittle

3. The residual offset printing, long-term (crepe paper May be a few years) After brittle, and separation of glue, glue will be posted surfaces in

4. And paper tape paste or repeatedly touched with the hand, or contact with moisture, dust sticky can also accept, will send some crepe paper

5 two tape strength and toughness is similar, but easy to tear free cutting and tape, textured paper tore the edge laborious and prone to flash, kedao cutting strength is bad master, easy to cut to paste objects ( If the object is plastic, easy to leave a mark)

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