The masking tape with moistureproof ability?

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-05

textured paper tape, as today, for we have not just a word, it is more like our life indispensable things of a kind of life, has always been our side, and help us solve many problems we have encountered in your life. And, in the south, damp is inevitable. Did the U. S. profile of paper tape with moistureproof ability?

we all know, the U. S. profile of paper tape is a tape of crepe paper, is composed of a base material and glue, the U. S. profile of paper tape moistureproof ability and the base material and glue tape, there is a lot to do.

crepe paper base material is the U. S. profile of paper tape, then people will feel very strange, that is certainly not moistureproof crepe paper, because normally we are can not be moistureproof paper, but the beauty of our masking tape is not standard paper crepe paper, it is import for crepe paper. Crepe paper is different from regular paper, its performance is very excellent. High temperature can not only, still can solvent and also have certain ability of moistureproof.

through the above introduction, you can see that the U. S. profile of paper tape or have certain ability of moisture.

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