The mechanism of polyethylene tape adhesive

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03


in the polyethylene tape adhesive performance fit and unfit quality directly affect the service life of corrosion protection, is I to polyethylene tape for nearly 20 years of experience in production technology to tell everybody, please reference. < br / >
whether it is a thin plastic type/thick plastic polyethylene tape of butyl rubber adhesive, or butyl rubber modified asphalt adhesive, it must be with the base material ( Polyethylene film) Has the good adhesion performance, together for a long time without stratification, that is, won't come unglued ( Stick base force) 。 Primers with anticorrosive tape increase during the construction of rapid bonding characteristics of adhesive ( At the beginning of the viscous force) Earlier, and make sure that the adhesive must be viscous force and good solution volume ( No isolation membrane polyethylene thin rubber type adhesive tape) 。 And cannot breathe slightly adhesive cohesion, is an important index for sliding occurs when a lack of cohesion, glue rickety, its peel strength can change. < br / >
all in all, must have a high quality polyethylene tape adhesive, the adhesive force base > cohesion > > stick relay early viscous force. Only balance its associated force, can guarantee the quality of anti-corrosion adhesive tape.

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