The method of judging the quality of sealing glue, BOPP transparent sealing glue wholesale

by:Yourijiu     2022-04-14
BOPP transparent sealing glue wholesales to share with you: transparent sealing glue wholesale tapes are chosen and used by many people because of their superior performance, but in the face of a wide variety of transparent tapes on the market, are you a little unsure of how to choose? Today we Let's learn how to judge the quality of transparent tape. The quality difference of the so-called scotch tape lies in the difference in the purity of the polypropylene used by the scotch tape manufacturer in the production. Like the tape produced by pure polypropylene, its state is relatively transparent and the surface gloss is high. The packing tape produced by polypropylene is a translucent product, and the packing tape produced by adding masterbatch and recycled polypropylene is not transparent. BOPP transparent sealing glue wholesale and the tensile force of the transparent tape depends on the purity of polypropylene. Polypropylene has high purity, and the produced tape has high transparency and strong tensile force. When we buy, we can choose transparent tape based on this.
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