The mezuzah case or holder which is popularly

by:Yourijiu     2020-06-29
On the back side of the mezuzah scroll, a particular name of God is written. The scroll is rolled after this so that the very first letter, that is Shin, is completely visible. In common practice, this letter is written on the upper exterior portion of the mezuzah case. A mezuzah is usually placed in the doorframe of every Jewish home. This is done for fulfilling the Biblical commandment or the mitzvah for inscribing the holy words of the Shema. This commandment of affixing mezuzah is widely followed also by many not so religiously observant Jews. Over the ages, producing and designing the Mezuzah cases have been gradually transformed to an art form. It is believed that all Jews should keep their doors open to the world. These doors should have a mezuzah on them. The mezuzot that is created by ramer designs, is specifically meant to be touched by the Jews for awakening and reminding them of the sacredness of the Almighty's name and of their religious tradition. All mezuzahs are handcrafted from rich hardwood. They have a special place on the back for honoring special occasions of the Jews. The Most Popular Mezuzah Cases There are almost thousands of mezuzah cases that one can choose from. The most sort after are the ones that are elegant and of high quality but reasonable at the same time. They can be enlisted as the following: The Lucite mezuzah case provides the best protection for the holy mezuzah scroll. One can affix them very easily to the doorpost with nails, screws or foam tape which is double sided. Being very spacious in the inside, it is rather easy to insert the scrolls without having to use force to do so. The Blue Sophistication mezuzah is navy blue in color and has a white streak which accents the soft and curving shape of this mezuzah case. It is sophisticated and contemporary. It can hold a scroll of 6 cm but does not have the scroll included in it. The Large Shin mezuzah has a blue enameled shin in its inset. This case can hold a parchment of 7cm. The scroll is sold separately. The Patina mezuzah case is made of solid brass with a finish resembling that of a blue patina. It can hold a scroll of 6 cm which is sold separately.
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