The performance of polyethylene tape

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03
We all know that the pipeline corrosion problem more and more serious, many manufacturers in order to reduce the pipeline corrosion situations will choose suits own tape, PE tape with their continuous improvement and improve, and meet the requirements of all kinds of pipeline corrosion protection, so as to make the product application field is constantly expanding, the improved products have what performance? Let's look at. < br / >
1, polyethylene tape and pipe have enough stick relay, peel strength for 18 30N/cm。 To prevent infiltration of liquid medium steel pipe surface, buried after years remained high bonding strength. < br / >
2, adhesive tape has the very good elongation at break and the ductility. In a wide temperature range can maintain its flexibility, elongation at break of conventional products is one hundred and fifty percent 500. Adhesive tape - 34 ℃ temperature, can be in - 40 ℃ to use for a long time, the embrittlement temperature for - 70℃。 < br / >
3, polyethylene tape has a high strength, the tensile strength is more than 20 mpa. Resistant to pipe when loading and unloading of general mechanical force and stress of the buried soil resistance after work. Due to its smooth surface, after he buried pipe and soil displacement occurs not product anticorrosion layer displacement and delaminating. < br / >
4, adhesive tape coating with good resistance to overcast stripping performance. Adhesive tape anticorrosion pipeline with steady reliable protection potential and protection current. < br / >
5, polyethylene adhesive with high electrical insulation and low water absorption and moisture infiltration rate. The water absorption rate is less than zero percent. 02, the electric breakdown strength of more than 40 kv/mm. < br / >
in general, through continuous improvement of polyethylene tape to have performance is getting better and better, can satisfy different pipeline and using environment, it is because so much of the performance, so it is widely used, but if you want to play a role of the corresponding products, you need to us in the correct operating steps, of course in the use of time to also want to do a good job of corresponding processing, make to adhesive tape is better on the pipeline.
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