The problem of genital warts and herpes may make

by:Yourijiu     2020-07-14
We can't imagine or unless have an idea until we get attacked by those viruses. Usually this problem occurs through sexually transmitted through your partner and mainly having unprotected sex that is having sex without the use of condom. Mainly this problem triggers due to stress or heavy sunlight. By following some rules and regulations or by taking the help of home remedies for genital infections, you can eradicate this problem forever. With the help of home remedies for genital infections, you can get the various ways to avoid or even to lessen the chances of getting attacked by these viruses. You have to take some precautions like: 1. It is necessary to take bath daily as well as to wash your genitals with soap regularly. By this way the chances of getting genital infection will be lessen to great extent. 2. You should always try to wear less tight cloths as well as clean clothes. The main purpose of this remedy is that your genitals should not be exposed to heat or sweat due to tight undergarments. Tight undergarments may result into pain and trouble so it is necessary to avoid the tight undergarments. 3. You can also apply vitamin E oil over the infected area and also put some crushed raw garlic over it. After this cover the infected area by an adhesive tape. Within a week you will observe the difference. You should not cover the infected area with the same covering for entire week but you should change the dressing at least twice a week and also apply a fresh paste of garlic on the infected area. 4. The sap from an injured milkweed plant is very effective for reducing the problem of genital infections. It is an effective home remedy for genital infections. Do not apply the milk directly to your skin as it will be too strong. For applying over the infected area, you should dilute it with some quality lotion.
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