The purpose of guarantee polyolefins adhesive tapes in a state of tension

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03

clear on the surface of the steel pipe welding slag, burrs, grease, dirt and other attached objects; Spray mass ejection or mechanical descaling methods, its quality should reach the steel corrosion level before painting and descaling grade of GB/T 8923 - Sa2 stipulated in 1988. 5 level or St3 level; After cleaning, reveal the defects on the surface of a steel pipe should be processed, attached on the surface of the abrasive dust, should be clean, dry steel pipe surface. When there is a return to rust and surface contamination, must be surface pretreatment. Winding is not standard, forcibly even during manual winding, ensure the adhesive tape in a state of tension. No real sense of wearing tape to the tube body, such as such as clearance, combined with primer for real. Weather, derusting incomplete or sand blown pipe a foreign body surface. Because of steel pipe heat absorption and the polyolefin adhesive tape black more absorption of heat, so no exposure after the pipe body corrosion, should be stored according to the requirements. Such as normal temperature at 20 ℃, the temperature of the steel pipe must be in 30 ℃ above, this is a deviation from the standard and construction requirements. Polyethylene sub unifor thickness of adhesive tape, glue sealing performance is good. Base material with rubber bonding force is big, in the process of registering or construction does not exist degumming. Good heat aging, anti-ultraviolet radiation ability. High tensile strength, cracking elongation properly, is advantageous for the mechanized and by manual. Type, standard, color completely, including corrosion protection, maintenance, repairing, anti-corrosion primer and construction machinery, etc. Construction is convenient, no pollution and other characteristics, is one of the pipeline anticorrosion preferred system.

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