The purpose of the electrical tape and using method

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-05
Electrical tape, full name is PVC electrical insulating tape, also some people call the electrician electrical tape or insulating tape. Can be abbreviated to: PVC electrical tape or PVC tape, etc. Electrical tape with good insulation, flame retardant, resistance to voltage and hardy features, general suitable for wire winding, transformers, motors, capacitor, voltage regulator, etc all kinds of motor, the insulation of the electronic parts. Electrical tape with red, yellow, blue, white, green, black, transparent, such as a few kinds of color, the most common are black, commonly known as the black tape.


generally applicable to all kinds of insulation resistance parts. Such as wire connection winding insulation damage repair, etc. , transformers, motors, capacitor, voltage stabilizer and so on the insulation protection of all kinds of electrical and electronic parts. At the same time can also be used for industrial process bundle, fixed, lap, repairing, sealing, protection purposes. Use method:

when we use electrical tape, must take half the overlapping way, this is to make winding and even and orderly state, should be enough to pull. And within and type connector, electrical tape should be outside on the end of a wire winding and then back to leave a rubber mat, and in case of drilled through. The last layer, electrical tape around the package can't stretch, in case of Victoria. We can in order to make its performance stable, electrical tape should be interesting, ventilated storage conditions.

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