The relevance of adhesive tape and glue

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04

Common packing tape glue is acrylic resin glue, also called pressure-sensitive adhesive, was mostly fat tincture. Glue the tincture of fat content directly affects the usage of duct tape, many individuals think feel sticky tape to glue, actually this is wrong. Tape glue is good or not in use, there are two standards, one is the initial moisture, one is the retention, is inversely proportional to both.

Generally viscous fluid at the beginning of tape is below 10 glue accordance with less, but the tape on the market at present most of adding the impurities, so the thickness increases, for shelter impurities, glue is mixed with the pigments, so transparent tape will appear the egg yellow, light green, this tape is generally inferior, quality determines the quality of adhesive tape, glue and membrane choosing a good glue with membrane to produce a good tape.

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