The role and application of the foam double-sided tape

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04

Before talking about this topic, small make up want to ask you for foam double-sided tape should be familiar with it, not strange, if you feel strange, should not ask this topic, but ask what is foam double-sided tape. Now whether you know or not know what foam double-sided tape, I introduce you to the first. Foam double-sided tape is in foamed plastics particles according to the different foaming coefficient as raw materials, double coated on specific glue after the subsequent processing and the formation of the double-sided tape called foam double-sided tape. Now you should have a general understanding of it. Then, it introduce the function and application of the foam tape.

Now introduce to you: the role and application of the foam double-sided tape. First foam double-sided tapes are widely used in the construction site, advertisement company, decoration, home decoration and other industries of paste fixation. Because of the relatively foam double-sided tape stickiness is very strong, basically stick in hand, to remove all not very easy to peel, it is because of this feature, and its price is low, so deeply the general customers the xi lai, and had broad application.

Second, foam double-sided tape applies to the automobile manufacturing industry, the foam double-sided tape to call car foam tape double-sided tape, the relatively small because the density of the foam tape, hardness is relatively large, used in the automotive industry, can effectively reduce because of the shake of car auto parts to bring the pressure, so receive the use of the car industry. This vast auto industry especially designed with personnel should be more experience. Here introduced car foam tape and PE foam double-sided tape have what different, you can click to understand.

  Finally, the purpose of the foam double-sided tape also includes all kinds of precision equipment need to use to the foam double-sided tape, need the foam double-sided tape die cut into the shape of the various needs, to carry on the diagonal, such as mobile phones, instrument and so on all kinds of precision instruments.

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