The role of polyethylene tape end of anticorrosive paint

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03

polyethylene tape bottom paint: butyl rubber as main body, with viscosity-enhancing resin, stabilizer, antioxidant substances, such as the organic solvent solution into the black sticky liquid glue, coating on the surface treatment of steel tube, can fill a small bump on the surface of the steel tube, and it is also a kind of excellent corrosion inhibitor. Bottom paint, Primer. Solid content: Solidcontent. P19。 p27的19%。 27%


polyethylene tape performance characteristics:

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main enhance adhesive tape and peel strength of steel pipe. Also play a preservative effect.


polyethylene tape application:

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can meet the petroleum, petrochemical industry, city gas, oil and gas reserves, electricity, water, metallurgy, aviation, etc all kinds of steel pipe anticorrosion pipeline facilities engineering.

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