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by:Yourijiu     2020-06-24
Testing Your Eyeglasses for Adjustment Even though your Brampton glasses fit just right at the time you buy them, they may form a few types of misalignments over time. You can easily test what kind of adjustment your glasses need, by following a few simple steps. You must remember, optimal vision can be achieved only when your pupils are looking right through the center of the lenses, and any adjustment should be made in order to achieve this. To test your Brampton glasses, set them on a level surface, upside down. If you find that the ear pieces are not on the same level, you need to adjust them. While wearing your glasses, if you find that they seem too high or too low then your nose pieces need adjustment. If you find your glasses to be too tight or too loose, you need to bow the ear pieces out or bend them in, respectively. Adjusting Metallic Frames It is easier to bend metallic frames, so even if they are easier to adjust, they also require adjustments more frequently. Also, while adjusting, you need to try on your Brampton glasses after every small adjustment, since it may be difficult to bend them back to the initial position after an adjustment is made. You may use small pliers, but remember to cover the lenses with electrical tape or masking tape so that they remain scratch-free. Apply pressure gradually so that the adjustments last longer and do not damage the frame. Tightening the screws on the ear pieces may also be helpful. Adjusting Plastic Frames Plastic is more difficult to bend, so if you need to bend the frame to make adjustments, heat the frame with warm air first. Putting the glasses in warm water will also serve the purpose of heating it. Be sure to apply light pressure, because plastic frames may crack even after they are heated. Additionally, be careful not to overheat a plastic frame, as that could melt it, or may cause discoloration or deformation in the very least. It is advisable to try only small adjustments on plastic Brampton glasses at home. Major adjustments are riskier, so it is better if you get an optometrist to make the same.
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