The scotch tape glue how purify

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04

the scotch tape glue how purify? This problem has been bothering you, especially now that summer arrived, a lot of people buy a new refrigerator, electric fans, air conditioning, etc, many businesses will be labeled stickers on it, at this moment, scotch tape glue should how purify? China tape network introduced ten ways to remove the tape traces: < br />

1, turpentine: wash the pen used to draw in the liquid. We can use a paper towel stuck some washing liquid to wipe in a place with offset printing, can be removed.

2, old and new, cellophane tape paste: this is to use the new transparent tape will old scotch tape adhesive down the principle of this method is often very useful.

3, eraser: this is the most commonly used is can you think of the most simple way, of course, at the beginning when you use the eraser will be very dark, that you don't mind, because when the scotch tape glue to wipe down will be white.

4, expired to protect skin to taste, because it contains chemical substances, which is very useful to remove the scotch tape glue.

5, turpentine, soap and ammonia, the mixture is very effective.

6, letter sodium water, paint thinners can remove the transparent adhesive tape.

7, hair dryer, this method is commonly used, by using the theory of heat glue to make it easier to fall off.

8, nail polish remover can also remove the offset printing of transparent adhesive tape.

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