The service life of polypropylene adhesive tape

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03


polypropylene adhesive tape is a base material, rubber, and anti-sticking from type membrane of three parts. Its service life performance in the following respects.

base material parts: there is a uv resistant polypropylene mesh flat loom fabric reinforcing fiber, special technology and material selection is very resistant to stress damage, can effectively resist external injury for construction or other reasons, and long-term sun exposure space not aging.

rubber parts: use of butyl rubber modified asphalt, viscoelasticity is given priority to with butyl rubber, adhesive, given the strong sealing performance. Oil corrosion and rust conversion of asphalt and auxiliary agent, the stability of the corrosion surface is longer.

anti-sticking from type membrane part: with special isolation, guarantee the thick rubber adhesives for wet sticky sticky back early, solves the loose volume problem.

polypropylene tape appeared domestic 20 years in the oil, natural gas, chemical industry and the water supply and drainage, urban construction has been widely applied in anti-corrosion steel pipe. It easy in construction process and ultraviolet radiation resistance, ageing resistance, high viscosity and tensile resistance and other characteristics, to become the best choice for pipeline anticorrosion construction adhesive tapes.

polypropylene tape performance experiment 23 n m. shock, resistance to ultraviolet (uv) 600 h> 8%, the peel strength of 36 n/cm, bibulous rate is 0 for 24 h. 20%, the coating surface no corrosion occurred after peeling phenomenon, calculate the service life of the polypropylene tape coating for the last 50 years.

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