The sustainable development of high temperature resistant adhesive tape market direction

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-05
Waves in the world in the end of the 20th century, information revolution of industry is very profound, the influence of the rule of law society gradually naive. Economic development promotes the construction of the rule of law. The effect of the use of information industry to transform the radical industry, to realize information resources sharing, the radical industrial development of a project. According to the relevant personnel of the estimates, the global e-commerce transactions by 2003 will reach $178 billion, one 5 of the chemical products market trading volume will also through the way of electronic commerce transactions. High temperature resistant adhesive tape industry is chemical enterprises, and its use of information network is still in a lower level. So far, there is still no established industry information exchange platform, without a macro industry as a whole. And internal use of network technology to improve supply chain management and strengthen the relationship between the various groups work within the value chain is still far lags behind, electronic technology and network technology opportunities will push the breakthrough of high temperature resistant adhesive tape industry management, so as to form a competitive advantage.


since the 1990 s, countries successively in the customs, taxation, industry and commerce administration and the intellectual property rights increase the intensity of the legislation and law enforcement, make the domestic investment and business environment gradually clear, the party's 16th national congress put forward the political civilization, and established the framework for our country's rule of law environment. Since the 1980 s, the talented person using mechanism transformation. The employing system under planned economy system constrained the development of the enterprise. The reform of personnel system. In 1983, issued by the State Council provisions of the rational flow of scientific and technological personnel formally started. Along with the further reform of personnel system in our country, the domestic large labor market will release more energy. The flow of talent has high temperature resistant adhesive tape industry can attract more excellent talents.

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along with the increase in investment in fixed assets, the forming of domestic upstream industry. A few years ago. High temperature resistant tape upstream industry investment has dramatically increased, so that the corresponding industry. The most obvious BOPP2002 years ago is a major importer in our country, has become a major producer and exporter after 2002, at the end of 2004, countries of BOPP production capacity of 2. 02 million tons, nearly 30% more than the total consumption capacity. And the other an important raw material of acrylic ester, with nearly two years of massive investment started, at the end of 2006 the basic form of supply and demand balance, to achieve domestic self-sufficiency. And other related organic silicon raw materials industries such as PET, PVC, equipment manufacture and so on are gradually forming, for the development of high temperature resistant adhesive tape industry equipment technology and material guarantee.

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