The tape always sticks to the wall, what should I do? Dongguan sealing tape customized

by:Yourijiu     2022-04-14
Dongguan sealing tape custom-made to share with you: 1. First use the nail polish pigment to wipe it with water. Because removing the water can make the original color of the wall fall off. This method is recommended to be used in inconspicuous small places, and it is not recommended for large-area, conspicuous walls. 2. The method of heating is to soften the tape, blow it with a hair dryer, and wait until the paste of the transparent adhesive becomes soft, and the traces can be easily removed. 3. We can take a piece of dry cloth soaked with vinegar to cover the entire area where the tape is traced. After the tape is completely soaked, it can be easily removed with a ruler. 4. After the tape is torn off, the traces can be wiped inward along the edge with an eraser to easily remove the traces. But according to the degree of stickiness, the time may be different. If the conditions are met, the effect of alcohol + eraser is very good.
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