The tape factory shares the advantages and uses of Teflon tape with you

by:Yourijiu     2021-08-04

Teflon tape is characterized by high strength, high temperature resistance, and normal temperature resistance up to 260 degrees. At the same time, the surface is smooth, anti-adhesive, bright, and resistant to various chemical corrosion.

Teflon tape is widely used in packaging, thermoplastic, laminating, sealing and heat sealing, electronic and electrical industries. The fabric-reinforced PTFE Teflon tape has the characteristics of high strength and can be used in the drum of sizing machine, thermoplastic demoulding and other industries. It can be used repeatedly and is easy to replace.

Advantages of Teflon tape

1. Used between low temperature -196℃ and high temperature 300℃, with weather resistance and anti-aging. After practical application, if placed at a high temperature of 250°C for 200 days, not only the strength will not decrease, but the weight will not decrease; if placed at a high temperature of 350°C for 120 hours, the weight will only decrease by about 0.6%; at -180 It can maintain the original softness under ultra-low temperature.

2. Non-adhesive: The surface is smooth, and it is not easy to adhere to any substance. It is easy to clean all kinds of oil stains, stains or other attachments attached to its surface; almost all adhesive substances such as paste, resin, paint, etc. can be easily removed;

3. Chemical resistance, resistance to strong acid, strong alkali, aqua regia and various organic solvents.

4. Drug resistance and non-toxicity. It can withstand almost all pharmaceutical items.

5. It has high insulation performance (small dielectric constant: 2.6, tangent below 0.0025), anti-ultraviolet, anti-static.

6. Fire and flame retardant.

7. Easy to use and long service life.

The main application of Teflon tape

Heat-sealed pressure-adhesive parts for packaging food, dairy products and medicines

Heat sealing use of plastic film

Surface of precision pressing roller used for packaging dyeing and resin processing

Used for packaging adhesives, laminating coating machine roller surface

Used to encapsulate the friction surface of the feeding hopper and the guide rail

Used to encapsulate non-sticky and smooth parts

As an insulating liner, insulating encapsulation of insulating parts, and other Teflon (Teflon) adhesive tape composition:

Teflon glass fiber tape produced by using imported glass fiber yarn and coated with Teflon (PTFE) resin. Generally, the coil is 1 meter wide and 50 meters per roll. The color is brown, black and white, and it can be cut into various widths at the same time, and adhesive tapes of various thicknesses can be produced according to customer requirements.

Teflon (Teflon) film tape produced by using imported PTFE membranes and applying high temperature resistant silica gel after special treatment. The maximum width can be 1000MM, and the colors are white and gray. At the same time, it can be processed according to customer requirements.

Features of Teflon (Teflon) adhesive tape:

PTFE Teflon adhesive tape has a smooth surface, good adhesion resistance, chemical resistance, high temperature resistance and excellent insulation properties. It is widely used in packaging, thermoplastics, composites, sealing and heat sealing, electronic appliances and other industries. The fabric-reinforced PTFE Teflon tape has the characteristics of high strength. It can be used in industries such as the drum of the sizing machine and the thermoplastic film. It can be used repeatedly and is easy to replace.

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