The three engines for the leap of Wenzhou pen industry

by:Yourijiu     2021-09-03
Since China's entry into the WTO, market competition in the domestic pen industry has become increasingly fierce. In order to achieve the two major goals of 'striving for a world-famous brand and building a country of pen-making power' proposed by the China Pen-Making Association and 'building an international light industrial city' proposed by the Wenzhou Municipal Government, the pen-making industry in Wenzhou City has opened three engines for accelerated development. . MicrosoftInternetExplorer402DocumentNotSpecified7.8 pounds Normal0 Since China joined the WTO, the market competition in the domestic pen industry has become increasingly fierce. In order to achieve the two major goals of the China Pen Making Association, namely, striving for a world-famous brand, building a strong country in pen making, and building an international light industrial city proposed by the Wenzhou Municipal Government, the pen making industry in Wenzhou has opened three engines for accelerating development. Engine 1: Increase scientific and technological cooperation and exchanges Wenzhou pen industry urgently needs to increase scientific and technological cooperation and exchanges with universities, colleges and research institutes. In response to the fact that pen-making companies have difficulty investing in common scientific and technological problems and the lack of high-level scientific and technological talents, the Wenzhou Pen Industry Association and Wenzhou University jointly established the Wenzhou University Pen Industry Key Laboratory and Wenzhou Pen Industry Technology Research Center , To research and solve problems in the pen tip, ink, pen ball, automatic assembly and other problems in the pen industry in Wenzhou. The association also uses the advanced equipment and faculty of Wenzhou University to train personnel in the pen industry. At present, the Wenzhou Pen Manufacturing Industry Technology Research Center has begun to take shape, and relevant research work has begun. Engine 2: Speeding up the process of informatization. Driving industrialization with informatization is the only way for industrial development. In response to the low level of informatization, the Wenzhou Pen Industry Association has listed pen manufacturers such as Hobby, Tianjiao, and Wentai as pilot units, urging these companies to increase investment in informatization, establish their own websites, build business platforms, and develop online trading. The association also focused on strengthening the construction of China In the three years since the website was launched, there have been more than 5,000 registered member companies online, more than 6,000 products have been entered online, and the number of visits has exceeded 5 million. Engine 3: Strengthening talent introduction and training. In response to the large flow of technical talents in Wenzhou's pen industry and difficulty in training, Wenzhou Pen Making Association took the lead in the Municipal Personnel Bureau, the Title Reform Office, and the School of Applied Technology of Wenzhou University to set up a training center to solve the problem of talent introduction. , Training and job title evaluation. The association has also issued the 'Interim Measures for the Management of the Employment and Use of Engineering and Technical PersonnelMeasures and methods to make achievements in the industry. Coveting the world's pen collection and distribution center Wenzhou's pen-making industry has now established clear goals for future development: to turn China's pen-making capital into a trading and distribution base for pen cultural products; an educational base for Chinese pen culture and Pen research and testing base; pen talent training and exchange base. Wenzhou's pen-making industry plan will make Wenzhou a world-class distribution center for pen production, processing, and sales during 2009-2015, so as to attract more world-famous brands to Wenzhou for investment cooperation and custom-brand production, thereby attracting more Many customers come to Wenzhou to order and purchase. It is estimated that by 2015, the total output value of the pen industry will be increased to 6 billion yuan, and the output of various pens will reach 26 billion, making China's pen-making capital an important part of China's pen-making power and a veritable Chinese pen-making country. The image and representative of the industry.
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