The type 660 polyethylene adhesive tape

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03

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1, the type 600 polyethylene tape on the basis of the traditional anticorrosion tape developed a new kind of fruit. The base material with low density and high density polyethylene membrane synthesis. This kind of polyethylene type 660 adhesive tape and compared the traditional adhesive tape has the following advantages:

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2, not only has the advantages of the traditional adhesive tape can be widely used in urban construction such as petroleum, natural gas, coal gas in the pipelines and storage tanks, etc. Is a new kind of safe and no pollution and harm a very environmentally friendly anti-corrosion materials, no 'three wastes'. The polyethylene tape is a kind of seal waterproof gas proofness very good good stickiness strong adhesive tape; Resistance, insulation performance is good and ultraviolet radiation resistance; Class is a kind of strengthening polyethylene tape, don't like traditional adhesive tape multilayer paste around can anticorrosive, economic and durable. Reduces the cost; Have land damage resistance ability, resistance to impact, durable; Construction convenient, greatly reducing the time, thus further reducing the labor cost. This type of polyethylene tape is worth extending and using.

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