The understanding of the U. S. profile of paper tape and use

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-05
The masking tape sometimes is not taken seriously by people, but to say the importance of the U. S. profile of paper tape, if you have to understand the seam or do have deep experience. Come, we approached crepe paper together. In crepe paper and crepe paper pressure-sensitive adhesive as the main raw material, the U. S. profile of paper coated with pressure sensitive adhesive tape, on the other side coated to prevent glue material roll of adhesive tape. It has good high temperature resistance, resistance to chemical solvents, high adhesion, easy tear up, soft and submissive, and no residue leaving destroyed again.

U. S. profile of paper tape as one of the seam construction tools, has not been approved by the majority of users, it is a dispensable tool, at the time of construction, don't pay attention to the user is not in use.

beauty masking tape is used before playing the seam an agent, in order to prevent the seam an agent on the surface of ceramic tile is not easy to get rid of after failed to clear the problem. Below small make up just to summarize your beauty really need the masking tape.

first of all, we need to know to use the masking tape is need to decide according to the home of ceramic tile kind, if your home is relatively smooth ceramic tile ( Rep: polishing brick) So don't don't cause much trouble, because the seam an agent for a long time before solidification clean ceramic tile, and beautiful seam an agent is not good or remove before solidification.

however, if the ground is dark grain ceramic tile, Rep: archaize brick) So small make up recommend you must use the masking tape, why? Because there are a lot of dark pits or dark grain ceramic tile, painted beautiful seam an agent with the overflow of the remaining material easy to seep into the dark hole or dark grain, cannot use a shovel eradication, even eradicated will hurt on the surface of the ceramic tile, finally didn't taste, so be sure to use crepe paper.

second, whether to use according to the U. S. profile of paper tape is looking for a professional beauty seam construction team construction, and make their own DIY, that is very easy, if it is a professional by the construction team to decide, if you were their DIY, small make up again, must use textured paper tape, easy to clean up, lest hurt ceramic tile.

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