The use method and precautions of kraft paper tape

by:Yourijiu     2021-08-03

Kraft paper is used as the base material, vegetable glue (modified starch) is used as the adhesive. Only when the surface is coated with glue can it be sticky. It is waterproof, sticky, high tensile strength, good retention, non-warping, Weather resistance is stable. The following editor will introduce the knowledge of kraft paper tape!

One, the characteristics of kraft paper tape

1. Good safety, easy to use, no energy consumption, no pollution.

2. The base material is made of kraft paper, and the adhesive system is hot melt adhesive.

3. It is waterproof, strong adhesion, high tensile strength, good retention, no warpage, stable weather resistance

4. High viscosity without warping, long shelf life, ensuring long-term effective viscosity without moisture

Two, the main purpose of kraft paper tape

Mainly used to seal all kinds of corrugated boxes and plastic boxes; carton mark modification; wood sealing/seaming; carton corner sticking; paper bag/woven bag bottom sealing; bonding and shielding of various boards in the construction industry.

Kraft paper tape is also widely used, such as furniture use, shopping malls, wedding celebrations, industrial piping, industrial packaging, etc.

Three, the storage environment of kraft paper tape

Pay attention to the effect of kraft paper tape during storage. The temperature of kraft paper tape during storage is generally around 20°C. To a certain extent, it is necessary to avoid exposing it to excessively high temperatures.

Kraft paper tape should be stored for half a year. The product should be effectively packaged and stored in a cool and dry environment. To a certain extent, avoid sunlight, freezing and high temperature to protect the tape from damage.

Four, high-definition pictures of kraft paper tape

Five, the use of kraft paper tape

1. Before use, prepare scissors, water and packaging materials.

2. Use scissors to cut the tape to a suitable length; pull the kraft paper tape to a suitable position for cutting.

3. Wet the tape paper with the prepared water.

4. Apply tape filled with water on the surface of the object to be adhered.

Precautions for use: Make sure that the surface is coated with a proper amount of water; if some parts of the paper are ejected and do not stick after use, please check whether there is insufficient water coating or whether there is dust and oil stains on the surface of the sticky object. After sealing, please smooth the kraft paper tape to ensure that there are no air bubbles, otherwise it will affect its bonding effect.

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