The use of duct tape

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-05
Duct tape color is very rich, so you can also use different colors make classification for duct tape. These colors are suitable for use, not only can show its origin. Such as yellow duct tape used in the paper the basic for the imported materials.

among them, the prosperity of shenzhen Wen Ming duct tape is very good!

the purpose of the duct tape

duct tape and ordinary tape have obvious differences from the appearance, is very different in use.

duct tape is mainly used in the field of manufacturing and packaging, belongs to the industrial materials. The ordinary adhesive tape is a kind of life and materials used in office environment. Duct tape is now widely used in papermaking industry, automobile industry, mainly used in waterproof construction. Because it is easy to machining, so use in the equipment chassis, car cab.

02 characteristics of the duct tape

duct tape generally consists of three layers structure, the first layer is polyethylene, has the waterproof, wear-resisting effect; The second is to increase the strength of adhesive tape, cloth at the grass-roots level is not easy to be break also easy to hand; The third layer is the rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive, used to paste the other surface, need to have the characteristics of high viscosity. 03 classification of duct tape

at present, domestic what are the types of duct tape. First, we produce the duct tape is mainly used in thermal insulation engineering, this kind of duct tape to the material requirement of the duct tape is not high, basically density is not high, as long as the purpose of 30 to 40 density, basically just enough, so the cost of this kind of duct tape is relatively low.

late now appeared on the market relatively high quality requirements of duct tape. Cost price belongs to the relatively moderate prices, therefore receives the general customers. To the more recent, came on the market more high-end duct tape, mainly used in industrial, solve the industry, the requirement to the high temperature environment protection products.

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