The use of polyethylene tape method

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03

polyethylene tape method of use:

& have spent

1) , steel pipe surface treatment, derusting, in addition to welding slag, burr, oil, dirt and keep clean and dry. Remove rust should St3 level, mechanical descaling should reach Sa2 level, and conform to SY/J4 0 0, 7 - August 6.


2) , primer, should use special primers, away from the fire, when using polyethylene tape stir to mix well with a clean brush, roller or other mechanical methods evenly coated. Primer usage: manual coating 12 ㎡ / L mechanical coating 20 ㎡ / L

& have spent

3) , primer table dry ( Generally 5 - After 10 minutes) You can tie belt.


4) And the outer fill: by the quality inspection qualified can ditch.

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