The word Limo or limousine is formed from the word Limoges

by:Yourijiu     2020-07-20
The first limo was first created in the year 1902, and the first stretch limousine was shaped from a big bus by the Arkansas in 1928. These were used by bands consisting of six to twelve members that used to play live music. Their instruments and the band members had to be transported from one city to another or even from one country to another in the United States. These big modified automobiles buses that carried the band leader and his band were called limousines. In the 1930's the NYC Limo started gaining popularity with the influx of tourism. Hotel guests who arrived by airplanes were transported from the airport to the hotel only in a limo. The next industry to jump into this stretch limo was the film industry that used to transport their actors and actress to different sets in a limo. Till date, in NYC, if an actor or actress does not arrive in a limo for a function they are considered unpopular or not rich enough. Today, in NYC, limos are still used to transport only the rich and famous. Some limos are custom designed according to the desire of the rich, to accommodate more passengers, have a mini bar inside and even a mini theater. NYC limo was earlier limited only to the very rich and famous, but today it is considered fashionable to hire a limo for a prom party, visit to the night club, wedding or even a visit to a vineyard. Teenagers are allowed to hire a NYC limo for a special date. Since the trend for the use of these luxury machines has increased in NYC, the limo companies like the Cadillac, Hummer and Lincoln, have very exciting offers on renting a limo. Limo rentals New York is not very difficult, as all the companies are listed either in the yellow pages or available on the internet. One must remember the following if the thought of limo rental in New York crosses your mind: - budget is important as a NYC limo is not cheap - usage time - decide on the type of limo for the occasion - selecting the right company according to your money - a good bargain - on time delivery - a good chauffer Driving or owing a limousine is considered the talk of the town and the most luxurious means of transport.
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