There are certain deadlines that are to be met

by:Yourijiu     2020-06-17
So, aside from a nice pair of eyes, a few gears that can be helpful for redaction are given below: 1) Masking tape- This tape is used to hide certain words or lines in a text document. Later, it can be removed very easily. The cover up tape can be bought from any stationary shop in various sizes. 2) A magnifying glass or, better still the plastic magnifying book markers that are 6 inches by 2 inches, can also be purchased from a bookstore or an office store. 3) Small cuticle scissors that are used for cutting the cover tape for the irregular spaces in the document. 4) A copying machine that is working properly and is able to copy to a minimum of 35 pages at a time. 5) Large paper clips. 6) Staple remover 7) Stapler 8) Some pencils 9) Black colored marker. Some of the means that are used for redaction are described here. You can select the one that suits you best. However, before you begin, number all the pages so that they can be easily sorted. In the first method, you have to make a Photostat copy of the original document and marking the sensitive lines or words with black number. Once these words are hidden, make a copy of it again on a copier. This is to be done because the ink dries on the first copy and then the sensitive words become visible again. Government organizations use this method very often. In the second method the words are hidden with the help of hiding tape. In this method take the original document and cover the words, lines, logos etc. with the help of cover up tape. After redaction, make a copy of the page. This method however, has one disadvantage that the cover up tape comes off if you wait for copying for a long time. So it is better not to redact all the pages in one go and do it for few pages at a time. In the third method, computer software is used to redact the documents that are already stored in the Microsoft Word. However, every person is not able to use this software because not all the people store their files on the hard disk of their computer, and keep their records and data on the hard copy. During the process of redaction, use scissors to trim and cut as required, use clips to arrange the material and use the magnifying glass to scan over the redacted document to check for the missing parts.
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