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by:Yourijiu     2020-06-22
Cover And Spine You can cover a book with printed cardstock; then laminate them if you choose so. If lamination is not your option, you could simply place clear masking tape on the four corners of the cover. You can easily make spines using a duct tape. Simply stick the tape and write down the title using a marker. Another way of making a spine is by gluing on printed cardstock. If the cover is already laminated, the spines would not attach or stick so laminate only after the spines are already in place. Use an extra durable adhesive or glue if you will not laminate afterward. Binder There are commercially available binders you could simply use. Binders are best used with pre-punched papers (you could also create holes on your paper with a three-hole punch). Binders are available in half or full sizes. Although binders offer a fast, inexpensive and quick way to attach pages together, they could get shabby and ripped out of the binders easily. You would find it is also difficult to turn the pages as you read without putting the book on a desk or table. Prong Fastener Prong fasteners or two-piece fasteners function like a large staple. Two pieces comprise the prong fasteners. One piece is U-shaped that you need to insert its two prongs in the punched hole. Once in place, you need to insert the second piece on the reverse side of the paper. Both prongs must be folded over and toward the center. A slider on the second piece will keep the prongs down. Prong fasteners are available in office or bookstores. This method is also easy to use, fast and cheap. You need to leave wider margins on your paper so the printed words will not be ruined by the holes. Stapler You could use not the usual staplers, but the heavy duty ones that could punch up to 200 sheets of paper or more. Staplers vary in size so be sure to shop around to get the best deal. You probably need to staple in batches if your book is quite thick. Sewing First, you punch holes on the pages or paper sheets. Then, you must sew them together with a blanket stitch or running stitch. Use dental floss for the thread as it is durable, yet does not create bulky results. Afterward, you could cover the book with laminated or PVC plastic cover. Gluing It is important that you choose the right kind of glue for this project. The adhesive should be flexible when it has dried. Ideal choices are contact cement or rubber cement. However, these adhesives have strong smells that some people simply use plain white glue instead. You could also prepare your own glue. Before you apply the adhesive, you first need to clamp the pages together so they will stay in place. You need to wait a while to allow the glue to dry completely.
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