Thermal conductive double-sided adhesive is introduced

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-05

    Thermal conductive double-sided adhesive with other thermal conductive materials, has a thermal conductivity, purpose is to glue and thermal conductivity. A relatively low requirements for thermal conductivity, thermal conductivity double-sided adhesive will be your most preferred heat conduction medium. Thermal conductive double-sided adhesive is clever in the middle of filling thermal conductive materials, good adhesion, solved the important parts of the normal thermal conductive materials for electronic products is not easy to paste, can effectively fixed on the chip surface, etc. Double-sided adhesive effect of thermal conductivity of thermal conductivity is better than general heat conduction effect of stickers, high thermal conductive performance and stability, lowest temperature can work for 5 years, greatly improve the service life of electronic components, is the first choice for some high-end need heat conduction electronic products. Thermal conductive double-sided adhesive as thermal conductive silicone piece, can according to the requirements when making die cutting into various shapes, when using only light pressure can be adhesive, bonding strength increase with time and temperature. Thermal double-sided adhesive is widely used in LED, mobile phones, electrical appliances, computers, car accessories such as heat dissipation of electronic products, such as: low LED light bar element and metal frame assembly low radiator fixed and source supply circuit board instead of hot melt adhesive, the self-contained silk, buckles stay fixed way

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